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About Us

About Us

Uma , the wife of Adi yogi Shiva , popularly known by the name of Parvathi is recognized as Adi yogini. It was during one night of their union that Shiva taught Uma about 84 yoga asanas. Since Uma became Shiva' s first student of yoga he was bestowed upon by the  title 'Adi yogi ' and Uma earned the title ' Adi yogini ' .This goes on to convey that Shiva  was the first teacher of yoga and Uma was his first student .    


     Shiva also bestowed Uma the complete perpetual knowledge of yoga .The ancient yogic books also suggests that other than Shiva and Uma ,no one in this world have the complete knowledge of yoga .The books that teaches us the ancient tantras of yoga is aptly titled " Uma Maheshwara Samvadam".    

            With utmost respect to this Adi yogini, this school is named after her. This only reinforces our commitment to teach yoga and spread it across the world under her guidance .The intention of this institution is to create yoginis and yogis like Uma and Shiva ,who by their worldly wisdom can lead the others towards path that the humanity is longing for.


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Meet The Team


Acharya Sujith

     Founder - Uma Yoga

Acharya Sujith was introduced to yoga at a tender age of 11 years .He went on to master the art of yoga and Kalaripayattu under various masters before he enrolled himself for a formal teachers training in the highly reputed Yoga alliance .A staunch follower and Bhakth of Shree Shirdi Sai Baba , Acharya Sujith considers  him as his guide and Paramaguru

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Mr Prashanth Kumar

 Mentor - Uma Yoga

Being a corporate professional Prashanth found his love towards music in his childhood. Since then he is pursuing his spiritual journey through music. When he met Sujith and started exploring Yoga, Nada Yoga concept emerged. He is exploring yoga techniques to achieve advanced concepts of music.                 Read more


Mrs Arathi Nagesh

Mentor - Uma Yoga

Arathi Nagesh ,a keen yogi is a writer by passion and an avid travel enthusiast. A major slip disc she suffered after a fall prompted her to take up yoga .After reaping immense benefits from this ancient holistic form ,she has made it her way of life for the last 5 years .Having learnt yoga from various Teachers in various parts of the world ,she found an apt teacher in Acharya Sujith.

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Mr Bilu M V

Mentor - Uma Yoga

Mr Bilu M V has over 24+ years of experience in different managerial capacities both in India and overseas.  He also has rich experience with the top B-Schools of South India as a core inception team member and his previous assignment as Founder & CEO.

He is the recipient of the Mother Teresa Excellence Award in 2013 for his contribution to Rural Education Program.

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Mrs Jagadamba K R

Mentor - Uma Yoga

Mrs Jagadamba. K. R
      is (rtd) principal for Bangalore based NGO Parikrama center for learning from down trodden and underserved background.

She is a trained Bharatha Natyam dancer under the tutelage of gurus lt. Keshavamurthy & shyamprakash (Mysore style) & Mrs. VasanthaLakshmi (kalakshetra style)
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​ I have been training Yoga with Sujith since  August 2020. Sujith is a very patient and flexible teacher. He understands the science behind the Yoga poses and explains them well. He is also a trained martial arts teacher and taught me a few moves that helps with flexibility. He also takes time explain each pose, breathing technique in detail. Overall I am very happy with his teaching and recommend his school for anyone who want to delve into the world of Yogic science!.*


Deepthi Prashanth

Playback Singer


Sujith is a fantastic fitness trainer. He has a lot of knowledge about yoga & it's benefits.
Sujith is very passionate about bringing changes in his clients' overall health & mental well being through yoga. I enjoy being a better version of me through his classes. 
I heartily wish him and Uma Yoga Institute best wishes and loads of success in this holistic journey. 


Mr Shankar and Mrs Jyothy  -California 

We are very fortunate and happy to have found an inspirational, and passionate teacher in Sujith. In just a few sessions, he has put us on a firm footing to balance (no puns intended) multiple aspects of our life on the journey to becoming better humans and hopefully yogis. We deeply enjoy and look forward to our asanas and the discussions that brings us very close to a total meditative state each time."


Mrs Ashwini and

Mr Srinidhi -California 

I was introduced to yoga, rather very late in my life. After much cajoling and convincing, I decided to join yoga classes under the guidance of Sujit sir. In no time, I got addicted to Sujit sir’s yoga classes and at the same time started noticing the changes yoga was doing to me both physically and mentally. The changes were slow but certainly steady. Sujit sir understands and caters to the requirements of his students perfectly and even a beginner feels at ease and confident to attend his classes. We are now,as a family  reaping the benefits of yoga under the able guidance of Sujit sir .He is very well aware how much he needs to push his students ,while ensuring that they don't get into any injuries. I feel eternally blessed and grateful to be under the guidance of Sujit sir and I look forward to a long and fruitful association with him 🙏🏼


Mrs Sujatha -California 

I have been learning yoga from Sujithji for the past couple of months. I have seen massive improvements in my strength, fitness and breathing. It certainly feels good to hike trails without huffing and puffing a lot! I enjoy Sujithji’s class format immensely as it is a combination of asanas, pranayama practice followed by a brief session of background on yoga. This background has helped me incorporate yoga as a lifestyle change and not just as a class to be forgotten about later. I strongly believe that my understanding and practice of yoga will continue to deepen as Sujithji’s student. Om Shanti!


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