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Uma Yoga


Uma , the wife of Adi yogi Shiva , popularly known by the name of Parvathi ,is recognized as Adi yogini. It was during one night of their union that Shiva taught Uma about 84 yoga asanas. Since Uma became Shiva' s first student of yoga ,he was bestowed upon by the  title 'adi yogi ' and Uma earned the title ' Adi yogini ' .This goes on to convey that shiva  was the first teacher of  yoga and Uma was his first student .                                 Shiva also bestowed Uma the complete perpetual knowledge of yoga .The ancient yogic books also suggests that other than Shiva and Uma ,no one in this world have the complete knowledge of yoga .The books that teaches us the ancient tantras of yoga is aptly titled " Uma Maheshwara Samvadam".    

            With utmost respect to this Adi yogini, this school is named after her .This only reinforces our commitment to teach yoga and spread it across the world under her guidance .The intention of this institution is to create yoginis and yogis like Uma and Shiva ,who by their worldly wisdom can lead the others towards path that the humanity is longing for .                          

It is also believed that Uma is the incarnation of Godess Mahakali and represents one tantra out of the 64.

Uma yoga also conducts free Satsangs and programmes under the guidance of Lalita Tripura sundari ,yet another form of Mahakali .                          

  Uma yoga looks forward to have the knowledge seeking, peace loving and spiritually inclined students on board , thus enabling them to tread a path of truth, devotion ,peace and enlightenment ,thereby helping them gain immense physical , mental and emotional strength.

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