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Acharya Sujith


Founder of Uma Yoga 


Acharya Sujith was introduced to yoga at a tender age of 11 years .He went on to master the art of yoga and Kalaripayattu under various masters before he enrolled himself for a formal teachers training in the highly reputed Yoga alliance .A staunch follower and Bhakth of Shree Shirdi Sai Baba , Acharya Sujith considers  him as his guide and Paramaguru . An incident of baba appearing in Acharya Sujith's dream and prompting him to take up yoga as his profession made Sujith to take up this path as a yoga  teacher .From there on Sujit has been guiding hundreds of students world over in this holistic way of living with the guidance of his guru Shri Shirdi Sai Baba .He aims in making yoga a way of life world over, there by spreading the message of peace and making the world a better place to live ..                                  Many students across the world ,who were suffering from various physical and emotional ailments have hugely benefitted from Acharya Sujith's teaching and are leading happier and healthier lives .                

Acharya Sujith , through his institution Uma Yoga intends to spread world peace and make our planet a happier and positive place for our future generations!

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